ALERT!!! - Do to 8 years of severe drought, we have had to remove the bison herd from our ranch. 
After a personal visit to Kenard & Steve Kreycik's Ranch, we discided this would be a good home for our bison.  The Kreycik Ranch is a family owned and operated hunting ranch.  (Buffalo, Elk and Deer)
Please contact them at you will have an exciting and memorable hunt on the Niobrara Riverview Ranch.  P.S. Tell them we sent you!

The mighty American Buffalo still roams the virgin prairie of their ancestors and  thrive on their prairie home. You can hunt these magnificent creatures on the Two Heart Buffalo Ranch in western South Dakota.  A buffalo hunting adventure of a lifetime!

Two Heart Buffalo Ranch • Jerry & Bev Austin • 25998 Bison Lane • Fairburn, SD 57738 • 605-255-4254

Active Members: National Bison Association, North American Bison Cooperative,
 Trophy Buffalo Hunting in the Great American Plains of South Dakota.
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